About LUFT Botanicals

Innovation, Research
and Development

LUFT aims to provide top quality products while optimizing the health and wellness benefits of cannabis across Canada and internationally.

About Us

LUFT Botanicals is a progressive Alberta-based company specializing in the production of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis flowers and derivatives.
Our focus on innovative product development, coupled with
sophisticated growing and production techniques sets us apart as a leading supplier for recreational and medicinal cannabis products.


LUFT’s team brings decades of combined experience in business, science, medical research, clinical trials, cannabis production operations, corporate development and commercial construction.


Our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility will meet all Canadian and European specifications in producing high quality flowers, oil extraction, drinkables and pharmaceutical products to be shipped within Canada and to Europe. An embedded extraction processing facility and leading-edge techniques allow us to capitalize on cannabis and hemp oil extraction for use in a variety of medicinal and recreational products.


LUFT has assembled a team in Lisbon, Portugal to establish a pharmaceutical license to import, distribute within Portugal, and export to other countries in the European Union. Portugal has favourable regulatory requirements and has a friendly business environment for foreign investors.


Craft style production methods combined with innovative processes will allow LUFT to grow unique strains, maximize yield, and minimize contamination and crop loss. LUFT employs a team of doctors, scientists and researchers who are working to develop new strains and products for the medicinal and recreational markets. Product development is underway to tap into the new topical market with a focus on health benefits and bioengineering to enhance beneficial effects of cannabinoids.