Cultivation, Extraction, Isolation, Formulation and Production

At LUFT, we are committed to best-in-class production and manufacturing operations. LUFT's Canadian facilities and procedures have been developed to meet EU Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines.
Our Camrose Facility

Our purpose-built grow and extraction facility is strategically located on a 25 acre parcel in Camrose, Alberta. With nearly 400,000 ft2 of total cultivation and processing space, LUFT has the flexibility and secured zoning to grow with market needs.


Phase I: 67,000 ftwith potential for 6,500 kg dry flower and extraction material


Phase II: An additional 60,000 ftwith potential for 9,700 kg yield potential

Phase III and beyond: More than 266,000 ft2 for future market needs

This EU-GMP compliant and federally licensed cannabis production facility will cater to both medicinal and recreational markets in Canada and the EU.
Nurturing Environment

Predictable growth stems from genetic certainty and a deep understanding of plant intricacies.


Our 3000 ft2 genetic locker will be home to our library of distinctive strains.


Our optimized growing environment encourages healthy root and plant structure in preparation for high-intensity flower production. This ensures full harvest potential.


Dedicated space to hone in on unique growth traits and characteristics.


Targeting premium and connoisseur flower markets as well as the production of rare cannabinoids, these sequenced spaces will maximize capability of each strain and minimize potential for crop contamination and loss.

Specialized Cultivation

Our products are developed individually through precise cultivation practices within our small-batch production facility.

All of our collections go through an innovative slow, cold cure process to enhance flavour, smell and experience.
This not only contributes to extended shelf life and a smoother terpenes profile, it also intensifies the variety of flower colours and improves visible resin.
LUFT uses leading-edge methods to develop unique strains that deliver a variety of health benefits for our most discerning users.
Extraction Processing

The extraction room will employ several GMP rated industrial methods to extract and purify the cannabinoids from hemp, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

LUFT is using both ethanol and CO2 extraction methods to extract oil from both hemp and cannabis. LUFT is setting up strategic partnerships with two hemp producers that will require high volume throughput. This can be achieved with low temperature ethanol extraction equipment, designed to handle upwards of 300 kg of plant material per shift, ideal for a farmed outdoor crop.
The use of rolled film distillation ensures complete removal of ethanol leaving an ultra pure CBD isolate. Full cannabis spectrum oils will be extracted using supercritical liquid CO2. This method allows for isolation of the terpene profile and cannabinoids present in the cultivated indoor crop.
The cannabinoids can be further purified using a CO2 isolator which will allow for isolation of individual cannabinoids in an ultra pure, pharmaceutical grade form. These purified cannabinoids will then be formulated into a variety of unique products from oils and pills to drinks and cosmetics.